• Ushabti
    Ushabti is a music video I conceptualized in 2011 and made during 2012. It was a good learning experience for me to improve my rendering and lighting skills. Ushabti’s were servant figurines found in egyptian tombs that were left by the occupiers who felt they would need assistants to do their manual work in the …
  • Azmod
    Azmod is a trailer for a 10 minute short I worked on during 2010. Unfortunately I burned out half way and have shelved it, perhaps I’ll return to it later when regular life is less demanding.
  • Reel 2012
    Reel 2012
    This is a mix of work I’ve done for numerous projects over the last few years.
  • Batman Reel
    Batman Reel
    A montage of scenes I’ve been responsible for while working at Rocksteady Studios on the Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games.
  • Animation Reel 2007
    Animation Reel 2007
    This is my character animation reel prior to working at Rocksteady Studios in 2007.